Geoffrey W. Crofoot
About Geoffrey

I remember the moment I fell in love with the art of photography. The day of my father's Air Force retirement ceremony, he let me use his Mamiya 35mm SLR. I struggled that day. The camera was complex. It had dials and adjustments that were a complete mystery to me. In hindsight, the lighting out on the tarmac was horrible. The adult guests didn't pay much attention to the kid with the camera, so I had to shoot through gaps in the crowd. I shot one roll that day, mostly because I didn't know how to change rolls. Afterward, I anticipated the return of the film from the local one-hour photomat. Finally, the proofs, as I would now call them, arrived. The moment I saw that I had captured my father's face in a mixture of loss, fear, and joy, I knew photography would always be a part of my life.

Since that day, the idea of capturing a moment in an image that moves people who see it has been a constant passion. My love of photography motivates me to continually improve my skill, technique, and vision.

I believe life is full of moments that tell a story. I'm dedicated as a photographer to capturing those moments that evoke feelings and emotion.


Challenge inspires me the most. I have photographed difficult situations in which I have felt conflicted about being present as a photographer. Recently, my mother suffered a severe stroke. I made the tough decision to photograph my family, as I have for years, during some of the most delicate and intimate moments of her recovery. The images that resulted are honest and sobering. I learned that my photographs are a powerful voice to share what I feel.

People represent a constant challenge in my photography. Family and friends inspire frequent sessions in front of my camera. The people depicted in my portfolio have inspired and moved me deeply. I am honored to have photographed each of them and humbled by the emotion each image represents.

Other passions in my life include cycling, eating, music and making positive change. In all aspects of my life, I strive to learn.

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